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Emptying and evictions of apartments, emptying of industrial buildings and premises, industrial machinery, cleaning, painting and renovations in general.

About us

Cleaning and waste removal services

Vaciados Juan is a company that specializes in emptying in Barcelona. We clean industrial and local warehouses, we throw away old furniture at points approved by the city council. We clean, paint and reform your apartment, so you can sell it or rent it.

We also do all kinds of removals, disassembly and assembly of furniture and packaging.

We do all kinds of reforms, bathrooms, floating parquet electricity, plasterboard, welding work, Electric, skylights, roller doors, metal structure, door, bars, iron and aluminum windows.

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Emptying of Floors, Cleaning and Painting in Barcelona

At Empties Juan we carry out all kinds of emptying of flats in Barcelona, ​​offices and premises, collection and removal of old furniture, junk, knick-knacks, electrical appliances, iron, scrap metal and collection of debris from renovations and works to the recycling point. The experience we have gained over the years has allowed us to make emptying flats in Barcelona a tremendously familiar task.

We also carry out urgent removals Barcelona, ​​renovations and painting of flats in Barcelona.

We are not dedicated to emptying flats in Barcelona for free, but our prices will be very affordable for you, guaranteed. On the other hand, in addition to cleaning your apartment and leaving it ready for your future projects, we empty apartments in Barcelona, ​​mainly those that have suffered from Diogenes syndrome or squats and emptying, Juan will take care of leaving it ready, clean and painted.

Emptying of flats and industrial buildings

We perfectly clean that place that entrusts us. We work with the greatest professionalism that the years have given us, we leave that industrial warehouse that you want to leave impeccable as new. We throw all the rubbish and debris at points approved by the city council. Emptied juan will take care of cleaning your premises and leaving it as new.

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Services we provide

Floor and premises emptying service

We take care of removing everything with the utmost discretion. If you think it is necessary we paint the floor, we work fast. We carry out reforms at a low price, evictions, we clean everything (trash and belongings) and we paint interiors for the evil of Diogenes.

In other words, if you are immersed in a reform project, reconstruction of your home and or simply turning a home into an asset that serves more as a storage room in Barcelona, ​​emptying juan will take care of bringing everything to the site. the materials and tools that we have.

Initially we will collect all the debris, garbage, old furniture, leave that task in our hands because we know perfectly where and how to throw your old moves in green points assigned by the city council. It doesn’t matter if it’s due to Diogenes syndrome or squatting or if it’s an abandoned apartment, emptying juan will take care of picking it up, cleaning it and painting it for your new projects.

We can carry out each and every one of the tasks related to the cleaning of flats in Barcelona or we can simply empty Barcelona flats.

The emptying in Barcelona and removal of furniture and belongings is especially useful in the following cases:

  1. To empty a house affected by Diogenes syndrome.
  2. When an elderly person dies or is forced to leave the house due to senility, due to accumulating a lot of junk.
  3. After an eviction.
  4. When you clean and tidy up your storage room or terrace.
  5. When you need to empty a house or flat to be able to sell or rent it.
  6. To remove and clean up debris from disasters such as fires or floods.
  7. At the end of work or reform where rubble or similar remains have been left.

Emptying of houses, apartments, shops, rooms, chalets, storage rooms, collection of old furniture and we deposit it in authorized landfills quickly and economically. In case you do not want to throw away your furniture and want to store it for a while, we have a furniture storage service.

Empty flat due to diogenes syndrome and accumulation in Barcelona

Emptying and complete eviction of flats due to Diogenes syndrome or other pathologies, houses and storage rooms for people who have a relative with Diogenes syndrome or accumulation of junk or garbage. We throw your old or antique furniture in approved green sites, we have the permits to transport it to landfills. Emptying apartments is not the easiest task in the world, but emptying Juan seems to work miracles, we strive to create lasting relationships that last for years based on trust and professional services.

We can empty flats in Barcelona, ​​Catalonia, each of its provinces and municipalities, we ask that you only have to touch the WhatsApp button or fill out the form to contact us.

We can also carry out a move in Barcelona if you wish, under the guarantee of an economic move. To find out more, click here for removals.

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